Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The People Speak: Additions to Syllabus/Votes

Based on our discussion on Tuesday, please note the following additions to our class policy:

- The professor will provide weekly feedback to each student about his or her writing, as long as he/she completes the writing we're doing and comes to class to get the feedback. This may be in the form of comments on our course blog or written comments on work you hand in.

- Students will choose some of our course readings and writing topics. Starting week two, we'll brainstorm ideas and arrange to do this, so bring your ideas.

- Both the professor and student will make every effort to be in class on time; both will be flexible in the case of an emergency or unforeseen obstacles.

- The professor and the students will treat one another with respect in class and in all other communications. We will make an effort to listen to each other in class. We may strongly disagree about ideas, but we will be respectful in the ways we discuss them and avoid personal attacks. We will also be respectful of student/faculty difference, whether based on gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability, in line with LaGuardia's policies on harassment and non-discrimination. When we critique pieces of writing, we will do so in the spirit of helping each other become stronger writers rather than tearing each other down.

- If either a student or the professor feels the other has broken these agreements (or others from the original syllabus), he or she will take the initiative to speak to the other person one on one, and try to resolve the problem. If a student feels another student has done so, they can speak to that student individually or ask the professor for guidance.

- We will be considerate in how we use our cell phones in class. We'll make sure they are on mute or vibrate and don't interfere with what we're doing and our ability to listen to each other. We may use them to answer questions that come up in class. (You'll still want to excuse yourself if you have to talk on the phone, of course.)

- Students will decide the degree to which they feel comfortable speaking out loud in class. The professor won't call on someone unless they volunteer. We will help those who don't speak as much feel like a part of the group by working in small groups and responding to each other's work in writing or communicating outside of the class and one-on-one. When considering the students' grade, the professor will look at the completion of written assignments both in and outside of class, group work, absences, and lateness, but not how often the student speaks in class. Regardless of how often a student speaks, he/she will make an effort to be alert and attentive and will not sleep in class.

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