Friday, September 6, 2013

Monday, September 9th, 2013: Working with Images

- Select a card from the box. Don't think too much: take one that grabs you.

- With a partner, choose one of your images. Working together, write one paragraph that describes what you see in as much detail as possible. Don't (yet) speculate about what it means, how it makes you feel, or what you think the artist was up to. Be "objective": just describe what you see. (Not as easy as it sounds!)

- Then, working by yourself this time, go the opposite way. Be "subjective": talk about why you picked it, or why you think your partner did, what it reminds you of, whether you like it, or anywhere else the image takes you.

- Exchange your "subjective" paragraphs with your partner. What connections and differences do you notice?

We'll continue with this work tomorrow.

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