Sunday, September 15, 2013

Coney Island homework


The two vocabularies are corrosive and rickety which I'm defining on page 95.The definition on corrosive which is: tending to cause corrosion which in other words in destroyed and damaged like in metal, stone and materials which slowly cause by aid rain and chemical exposure. The sentence in context that has this meaning; "withstand the corrosive agents in fear sweat." this sentence mean that the amusement isn't safe which brings a great amount of fear on the person point of view. The amusement was abandoned with rusting paint almost to believe is haunted. The second word is rickety which mean structure or piece of equipment that is poorly made and it’s likely to collapse. The sentence in context that states its meaning; "Seems so rickety." this sentence mean to me that place seems to be broken down and all the missing parts with damaged looking rides or something in the text that I have read. I truly believe that whitehead is showing the reader how to understand that Coney Island is a place for fun without being affected by the rusting molded rides and other parts as rusting metal bars from the rides. People came to learn the history and have a great time while they explored the place. He also give the reader the description of the place by weather, the decreased of poorly equipment in the rides. But give a good plot about Coney Island of how people enjoyed and have a good time.  


  1. Interesting: do the people he describes seem to be having a good time? Could you give an example of this?

  2. In the story he seem that the people are having a good time which this brings the description of the mood and Internets on the place. tourist from round the world want to explore and relax while having fun at the amusement park.

  3. Hi Jaseline - what do you mean by "intemets"?