Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Coney Island

In the chapter, Coney Island by Colson Whitehead, there were two words that I did not know the meaning of. These words are "rickety" and "sinew". "Rickety", which is found in page 95, means weak; shacky. Knowing the definition of "Rickety", the  sentence "Seems so rickety" means that the structure of the roller coaster Cyclone is weak. "Sinew", which is also found in page 95, means strenght. The sentence, "This ride is them throwing punches and you ride on their arms, dip and rise and coast and roll on shiftting muscle and sinew", to me, means that the author is describing a fight in which included a strong punch.

           In this chapter the author describes the setting of Coney Island in his point of view. For example, he tells the reader about the well known roller coaster named Cyclone, kids constructing "cities" made of sand, the behaviour of the people that are in the location and comparing the difference between Coney Island in the winter and summer. Colson Whitehead gives the reader an image that Coney Island is an unenjoyable and unpleasurable place. He states that sand will get in your food and the temperatuer in the area is high. I believe the author is only describing Coney Island in a negative manner and not focusing in the positive things that Coney Island has to offer.

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  1. Good overview - why do you think he finds it so unpleasant? Is it just that he's focusing on the negatives or is there a particular quality of the place he finds unlikable?