Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hi professor just to remind you (MAJDALIN) Is Nour!!!
The author started by describing Coney Island as a place that people go to in order to escape from the extremely hot city and to spend a good time as well. Then he described the beach, how people act on it, and how easily people can lose their things in the sand. After that he explored the negative sides about Coney Island which were how dirty the beach was with the cigarettes butts, wood drifts, seaweed bums and other metal things everywhere in the sand; Moreover, the poor equipment in the rides was another negative side about it. He also imaged the happiness of the kids who were enjoying playing and drawing different shapes with the sand. At the end he described the island as a dead place in the winter because it’s like an off season for this island when no one goes there.

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  1. Hi Nour - Good job: I like how you used the order of his essay to give order to your own summary. Look at the other part of the assignment and see what vocabulary you want to look up.