Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Resources for CAT-W

As we've discussed, the CAT-W test builds on the skills we've been working on all semester: summarizing what we read and responding, looking at the author's argument and his/her evidence, organizing your thoughts, and using clear writing that makes sense.

Remember that you can come see me before or after class or during my office hours, W 1-2, Th 12-1, or another time by appointment, to discuss our work.

You can also go to the Writing Center, E111. Tell them you want to work on CAT-W practice or a specific grammar issue and they will me more than willing to help you. Or, you can bring something you've written for our class.

Here are some on-line resources: John Jay college has a very good website to review the main things to remember on the test.

LaGuardia's CAT-W wiki has some sample passages ('prompts') and handouts and worksheets for grammar practice.

The general writing section of Purdue's OWL site is a good resource if you know what specific issues you want to work on. Keep in mind we aren't doing research on the CAT-W, so those materials won't be relevant.

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