Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In the article that was originally published in Salon.com, Mary Elizabeth Williams argues that expensive items have more value and they maintain more. She believes that some particular things should be valued more. I agree with her point of view, some specific expensive things worth their money. On the other hand there is a variety of stuff that cost less, in the same good quality and condition with those that cost more.

The author claims that it makes more sense to buy a pair of sunglasses that costs more but its going to last longer. She gives an example by saying that her family after four years had to buy new cabinets because the brand-new cabinets from IKEA broke. Furthermore in the very first paragraph the author emphasizes how shocked she was when she learned that camisoles from Old Navy cost only $2. She believes that its ridiculous for a company like Old Navy to sell camisoles for $2.

I am a student in New York City and from my experience I believe that in stores like IKEA, Target and Forever 21 you can find cheap suitable things. Williams mentions that food like sushi must cost more. But things are not that easy because there are a lot of families that don't have the comfort to have dinner every night at expensive restaurants. That is why in New York you can find every little thing you are looking for in different stores and prices.

On the contrary as the author asserts there are items like an iPhone or a $7000 Viking range that cost a lot more but you are 100% sure about the quality. The best thing a man can have is choice. You can either buy a cellphone that costs $250 or one that costs $600. Its your choice and your money. 

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  1. Good strong clear writing and detailed response. When you're disagreeing, try to say a little more about the author's reasons you're departing from - why does she think $2 is a ridiculous price?