Saturday, November 2, 2013

In the article "You're 16, You're Beautiful, You're a Voter" by Anya Kamenetz, the author believes that teenagers at the age of sixteen should be able to have more "adult rights and responsibilities". Anya Kamenetz is convinced that if we give sixteen year olds more responsibilities, they will meet the standards that young adults should be in. The author gives examples such as driver's permits, drinking age, voting and financial responsibilities as steps that can be given to sixteen year olds in order to make them into a strong individual. 
One of the responsibilities that the author uses to support her claim is giving sixteen year olds driving permits. In order to receive a drivers permit, you need to take an exam to test your knowledge about the rules that must be followed in order to drive. Once you have taken this exam and passed the requirements then you are able to drive in the streets with an adult. To drive you must take responsibility in returning home before curfew and being able to follow the rules at all times. The author states that when teenagers are given a driver's permit there is a " 38 percent reduction in fatal crashes among the young drives" (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety). This proves that by granting a teenager the ability to drive they will proceed situations with caution and be aware of the responsibilities it takes to be safe. As a result, adults are able to view sixteens year olds as adults because of the duties they have to face and overcome.

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  1. Good job - I especially like how in your first sentence you use a quotation for just part of the original and blend it into your own sentence - this is a very useful tool to use in your writing going forward.