Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Terms for "blue collar brilliance" by Mike Rose and "Extra Lives: why videogames matter" by Tom Bissell

In “Blue-Collar Brilliance” by Mike Rose, I have selected two terms which are Affirmation and Diverse. Affirmation means the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed which is state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly. Affirmation means to me that when a person is proving him/her argument with strong facts in public (meaning everyone). For example, John F. Kennedy argues that the Americans should fund for nuclear fallout shelter program to increase. He prove his statement by facts like it’s better for everyone to be prepared in case a bomb drops in New York City which cause mass of distortion and kill everyone in sight which he shared this strong information to everyone. Another term is Diverse. Diverse means showing a great deal of variety or very different. Diverse means to me  a good deal of being different in many ways like jobs, home, schools, and the person self of being good or bad. For example, James Feldman has a job in technician which he has a good deal of getting paid more than his old job like in Toys ‘R’s selling Barbies all day with low paid. In “Extra Lives: Why Videogames Matter” by Tom Bissell, I also selected two more terms which are Mired and Aggravated. Mired means cause to become stuck in mud. Mired means to me when some person is having a bad day and not really in a good mood. For example, today went terrible because it started to rain and my books got ruined when while Ronald McDonald stood there and started to stare at me, which is creepy. Another term is aggravated which means (of an offense) made more serious by attendant circumstances (such as frame of mind). Aggravated means to me when someone is getting angry or frustrated by something uncomfortable from a person. For example, I’m so annoyed that my sister keeps bothering me and won't leave me alone. This is frustrating when younger siblings bothered old siblings because they are in boredom of watch “Dario the explorer” 

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  1. Good job - can you talk a little about what these terms mean in the context they're used in the essay? Then you can go on to the second part of he assignment.