Monday, October 21, 2013

Assignment for Thursday, October 17th

For Thursday, October 17th, read Mike Rose, "Blue-Collar Brilliance" (page 243-255 in They Say, I Say), and Tom Bissell, "Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter" (page 349-361).

For ONE of the two essays, write three paragraphs.

- One that describes the author's main argument. Use at least one of the verbs on p. 39-40.

- One that describes some of the author's most important EVIDENCE or SUPPORTING ARGUMENTS. Use at least one of the transitions on p. 109-110.

- One that describes YOUR OWN OPINION about the argument (yes/no/yes, but).

We don't have class Monday, October 14th or Tuesday, the 15th. Use this time to get caught up on any assignments you have missed: see the posts below. You can do them on the blog or turn them in handwritten or typed.

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