Monday, October 14, 2013

Blue-Collar Brilliance

    In the passage, "Blue-Collar Brilliance," which written by Mike Rose, he believes that if people work without plan everyday, then it will affect people's work in future. Also, when people depreciated the knowledge that they have to learn, they limited themselves in education and opportunities to be successful. Therefore, people can't follow up the cultural divides because they are not smart and push themselves to learn the knowledge everyday.
     According to the example of the passage, people have to learn the experiences and knowledge while they are working. For example, Mike Rose's mother, who work as a waitress in a coffee shops, is a smart woman. Waitress is one of difficult jobs because she has to remember the orders belong to which customer. Also, she has to know the system of store because she has to answer any kinds of question from customers. On the other hand, she has to run to carry plates and cups with her body. Most important, she learned the culture of people, and she knows how deal with different kinds of customer; she organized what to do in order. 
      I agree with the author's statement that if people didn't work smart, they would be unsuccessful. I work as a cashier in a Chinese restaurant, it's also one of difficult jobs to do. For example, I have to talk to 2 phone at the work, and I have to organize the order at the same times. Most important, I have to remember price of each order; I have to remember what people like and dislike in the order. Also, I have to know how to talk to people who is crazy. It's like a big system that contain many staff, and I have to organize it in order.


  1. Interesting. Look again at your first paragraph and at the essay. I think what you're saying is not what Rose would agree with. Think about what he is arguing AGAINST and what he is arguing FOR.

  2. Also be sure to do both parts of the assignment: give vocabulary for the two essays.

  3. In the passage, "Blue-Collar Brilliance," which written by Mike Rose, he believes that people who is become smart by formal education that they have to study in school. In his culture most people think work require less knowledge than school, but they work as dummies. Therefore, people don't have the abilities to work in government. In general, people have to practice their brain by solving problems, and the way to learn experience from the world.